Family health insurance: With co-payment or without co-payment?

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If you are thinking of taking out health insurance for your family, you may already have familiarized yourself with terms such as co-payment . We are going through a difficult time in terms of health care in public health , so private health insurance is being a good alternative to have a faster and adapted to the needs of each person . Therefore, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the co-payment here: Keep reading!

What is the copayment? Health Insurance

The copayment is a small amount of money that users of some policies must pay when they use a medical service and that can range from 1 to 100 euros. This amount is added to the premium that must be paid in the following month. This type of coverage is especially suitable for those people who do not usually go to the doctor on a frequent basis , since it can mean a saving with respect to the policy without co-payment. In any case, it is important that we inform ourselves beforehand to contract the insurance on the costs of each of the medical services , since it can vary a lot from one company to another.

Which is better: insurance with co-payment or no co-payment?

Which is better: insurance with co-payment or no co-payment?

To make this decision we must take into account our needs and those of our family in the field of health. We are not facing the same situation if we are the only beneficiaries of a policy, or we want to insure our children. The most important advantage when hiring a health insurance without a copayment is the peace of mind of having a continued assistance from a single premium. That is to say, the insured does not have to pay for each consultation that he / she makes as it happens in the insurances with copayment, reason why it does not matter the times that you go to the doctor of head or to the specialist.

What are the advantages of insurance without a copayment?

  • Medical, surgical and hospital care without long waiting lists.
  • General and specialized medicine at any time .
  • You will be covered before any unforeseen health .
  • All your health care is covered, so it does not matter how many times you visit your health center.
  • A full service offers greater benefits for your clients such as free dental policies or delivery assistance. Therefore it is important to be informed in each company.

With this information we hope you will make the most appropriate decision for the care of your health and that of your family. Inform previously of the prices of these policies and take into account your needs. And to enjoy the summer!


Image result for boletin oficial del estadoThe Official State Gazette (BOE) publishes in its edition of April 18, 2018, the deadline for submission of the application for the granting of subsidies under the regime of competitive competition for the creation of supra-autonomous operating groups . Its members must be at least two different autonomous communities. These groupings at most may consist of eight beneficiaries and eight subcontracted, belonging at least one of them to the sector of agriculture, livestock, forestry, or processing or marketing of agri-food or forest products.

In this first phase, the groups wishing to benefit from this assistance will have 20 calendar days to submit the application. This document must include each of the members that make up the operating group stating that they belong to it, that they request the funds and that they they commit to spend them jointly, in addition to identifying a representative of the group in front of the administration.

This subsidy will cover a maximum of € 100,000 per group, subsidizing the expenses that arise from the filing of the application until September 1, 2018.