Reasons to start in Mexico

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Still doubts about starting in Mexico ? There are different concerns and questions that new entrepreneurs have on this issue, however, the country’s financial sector explains the reasons why you should trust your country.


* Mexico is one of the most robust countries in terms of financing. Representatives from the financial sector (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, Mexican Institute of Finance Executives, Association of Multiple Purpose Financial Institutions and Private Equity) point out that there is sufficient financing for the five stages of entrepreneurship: birth, growth, consolidation, high quality and spin off


At least 91.17% of funding requests were approved in micro, small, medium and large companies, where the most favorable results were for micro (92.28%) and large companies (96.54%), according to data from the National Survey of Financing of Companies (Enafin) 2015.


* Mexico is the second best country to undertake the block conformed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The agency also considers that our economy is the one that creates more companies per year.


* 35,000 businesses are opened every month, according to data from the National Institute of the Entrepreneur (Inadem).


* Each time there is better infrastructure, says Luis Márquez, director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of Tec de Monterrey in Mexico City. There are roads, seaports, airports and better support in telecommunications, such as access to the Internet and mobile devices, which boost international trade.


* We have a privileged location for its proximity to the major markets of the United States and South America, and this makes it an optimal country to do business.


* Mexico is the best country in Latin America to open a company in terms of ease of procedures, although it occupies the 49th position in the Doing Business 2018


One of the most critical parts to start (or expand) the operations of a business has to do with the purchase of fixed assets: computer equipment, medical, machinery, office furniture, vehicles or fleets.


Real credit offers every facility to start operations by leasing and sale leaseback. Having a good start through these forms of obtaining fixed assets also represents ample advantages, such as not decapitalizing yourself, optimizing your resources and even achieving savings of up to 15% in the acquisition of fixed assets by not paying down payments. In addition, payments-as well as maintenance or fuel expenses-are tax deductible.


How does the lease work?


  1. Choose the supplies you need, as well as the supplier that offers them.
  2. Request a quote
  3. Present it to the landlord.
  4. The lessor will propose a rental plan with purchase option at the end of the period or the renewal of the contract to continue leasing the assets and even request the update of the same.
  5. Maintain the operation of your SME at optimal levels